Landing Gear Exchange with Overhaul

Overhauled Landing Gear, part of ATI Aviation landing gear exchange programOur Landing Gear Exchange with Overhaul program was created to increase efficiency and minimize the economic implications of landing gear maintenance. This means your aircraft spends less time on the ground and more time in the air creating revenue.

Exchange Process

The exchange process is fast and easy:

  1. Request a landing gear replacement or ship set with on-dock date, PMA acceptability, and trace requirements.
  2. ATI will provide trace documents on the gear or ship set that we have available for customer’s review.  (Customer will also simultaneously provide trace documents for core units. ATI will provide the customer with a quote for the exchange, while taking trace & life-limit times and remaining cycles into consideration.)
  3. PO is placed.  (This is subject to credit and core deposits required, if any.)
  4. ATI ships the gear or ship set prior to the customers’ landing gear change requirements to ensure that the customer’s aircraft is turned quickly.
  5. Customer returns the aircraft cores back to ATI for processing and recertification. ATI will verify that all part numbers match the LLP list. (Note: Additional billing may apply for any over & above, missing, or damaged items that would be billed from the recertification process.)

A typical landing gear maintenance program can take upwards of 45 days, leaving your airplane out of commission during the overhaul process and making for costly downtime. With our exchange program, you can enjoy the benefits of having your maintenance program completed in a fraction of the time.

For more information about the exchange program and our inventory, please contact us.