Inspection and Recertification

737 MLG shock strut low pressure test complete at ATI Aviation Services in Cleveland, OH.ATI Aviation Services offers inspection and recertification for time-continued serviceable landing gears.

The process includes:

  • Cleaning
  • Visual inspection
  • Testing shock strut for leakage according to CMM,
    including the following as required:

    • Pressure test
    • Camshaft backlash test
    • Extension measurements
  • Replacement of seal as required to repair
  • Touch up finishes as required
    • Brush cadmium (steel)
    • Alodine 1200s (aluminum)
    • Primer – Primary coat
    • Paint – Top Coat
  • Issue FAA Form 8130-3 for “Inspection” or “Repair” if seals replaced.

Additional inspections and testing can be accommodated based on customer requirements.

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