Plating / Dimensional Restoration / Surface Treatment

Preparing 757 Outer Cylinder to be Chrome plated at ATI Aviation Services facilityATI performs all plating / dimensional restoration and surface treatment operations in-house, allowing us to internally control product quality and lead-time planning.

We accept third party contracts from various commercial and military landing gear manufactures and MROs.


Stripping and de-coating of individual landing gear components is the first critical step in the repair and overhaul process. This allows our inspectors to identify material defects and prepares the parts for repair or overhaul.

Our facility includes the following:

  • Al-Oxide blasting room (large parts)
  • Al-Oxide blasting stand (small parts)
  • Plastic blasting room (large parts)
  • Chrome strip tank
  • Thermal spray strip tank

Electrochemical Plating

Plating is a critical operation for component repair and overhaul. Plating applications are performed for several reasons including corrosion protection, surface enhancement, refurbishment or dimensional restoration and anodizing, and replacing worn or damaged hard coat.  ATI has a complete in-house plating line.

 Type of Plating  Specifications
Nickel Sulfamate:
  • MIL-STD-868
  • AMS2424
  • Messier-Dowty PCS-2120
  • Messier-Dowty 32-09-01 section 5
 Cadmium (low embrittlement):
  •  MIL-STD-870
  • AMSQQ-P-416
  • AMS 2401
  • Messier-Dowty PCS-2100
  • Messier-Dowty PCS-2101
  • Messier-Dowty 32-09-01 section 3
 Stylus Cadmium:
  •  MIL-STD 865
  • AMS 2451
  • MIL-STD-1501
  • AMS QQ-C-320
  • AMS 2460
  • AMS 2406
  • Messier-Dowty PCS-2110
  • Messier-Dowty PCS 32-09-01 section2
  • MIL-DTL-5441
  • MIL-DTL-81706

Shot Peen

Shot peening is the process of cold-working or hammering the surface of a material with small spheres of steel, ceramic, or glass media pneumatically propelled at relatively high velocities. Shot peen provides restoration of the fatigue strength for the base metal by application of compressive stress.

 Shot Peen:
  • MIL S 13165C
  • AMS-2430
  • Messier-Dowty PCS-2300
  • Messier-Dowty 32-09-01 section 16

757 Outer Cylinder painted at ATI Aviation Services facilityPainting

Painting landing gear is done not only for cosmetic reasons; it provides a protective layer that must stand up to both heavy use and the test of time. ATI performs all painting operations in-house to OEM specifications. Painting services include:

  • Primary coat
  • Top coat
  • Markings/Identification